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Face Lift Dentistry®

Changing the shape of Faces
through Dentistry

Sam Muslin, DDS

Santa Monica, California

Sam Muslin, DDS

"You will not look your best until you feel your best."

Dr. Sam Muslin’s passion is found in transforming his patient’s lives through dentistry. Dr. Sam Muslin uses his own trademarked revolutionary dentistry techniques to enhance the shape of his patient’s face and profile that no other procedures can match. He makes dentistry of the future available today. Using the Face Lift Dentistry® method, Dr. Sam Muslin changes lives by making patients look younger and more vibrant with permanent facial support that is light years beyond cosmetic dentistry and just the smile.

Dr. Sam Muslin’s techniques improve the health of the patients with sleeping problems, TMJ dysfunction, premature aging, chewing, and speaking difficulty, while also transforming their appearance. His patients not only look younger, but feel younger as a result of his procedures and the passion he has for his work. Dr. Sam Muslin believes that this procedure removes years of aging and improves the health and overall wellness of his patients.

Sam Muslin, DDS

Areas of Focus

Non-Invasive Bite Correction
Underbite Correction
Overbite Correction
Face Lift Dentistry®
Anti-Aging Dentistry


1908 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 1
Santa Monica, CA 90404

T: (310) 829-6796

Featured Case Study

After years of searching for a resolution to her almost daily headaches and jaw pain, she decided to head to Los Angeles. She had already seen seven different doctors who offered everything from Botox shots to braces to a classic bite reconstruction. Trusting her instincts she somehow knew that facial shots, a third round of braces or a classic bite reconstruction was not the answer for her.

In search of another solution, she found Dr. Sam Muslin and read about his Dental Face Lift® treatment. So many patients were finding jaw pain and headache relief through the treatment that it gave her hope. Read More