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Brent A. Engelberg, DDS

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Brent A. Engelberg, DDS

"It's a very happy day when the road ends with a beautiful smile."

Dr. Brent A. Engelberg’s passion for dentistry began early in life with a desire to help people, like his father had done as an eye doctor. Dr. Engelberg was creative and skilled at working with his hands and knew that dentistry was the area where he could best help people with his talents. Dr. Engelberg is dedicated to his field, attending well above the required number of training hours each year to remain current on the latest trends in dentistry. He is a published authority in dentistry, teaching other dentists his "Total Life Advantage" course and consistently contributing to industry leading dental publications including Dentistry Today, Inside Dentistry, and Inside Dental Technology, with over 10 articles published in the last 3 years.

Dr. Engelberg is well known for his smile makeover, where he transforms his patients’ smiles with his dental skill, using top of the line veneers, and working with a famous ceramist for the best results possible for his patients. Dr. Engelberg enjoys working on even the most complex cases and has an eye for being able to see the big picture to create a customized, long-term plan for each individual patient. He is committed to improving the lives of his patients, by improving their health and delivering outstanding cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Engelberg also believes that a key to achieving desired results is starting with a full set of photographs, so that every person working on the case not only has impressions, but also has visual images of the patient. He says that dentistry in this way is much like architecture to him. You would never build a house without blueprints. Dr. Engelberg would not work on a smile makeover without photographs. He takes all of his own photographs of his before and after pictures, because he is truly invested in his patients’ outcomes and wants them to love the results.

Brent A. Engelberg, DDS

Areas of Focus

Smile Makeovers, w/ Porcelain Veneers
Full-Mouth Reconstruction
Dental Implants
Dental Crowns & Bridges


3440 North Old Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

T: (847) 259-8030

Featured Case Study

Tim came to Dr. Engelberg from Palatine, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry. Frustrated by heavily stained bonding and some tooth decay, Tim elected (through his wife) to seek out a top cosmetic dentist in the Chicago suburbs. Dr. Engelberg met with Tim and established a plan for dental health, including the cosmetic treatment of seven porcelain veneers, four porcelain crowns, and a bite adjustment to help the veneers stand the test of time. As you can see in the before and after photo comparisons, this is truly a smile design case, and Tim is ecstatic! Enjoy the photos and video of this case, and see how cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Engelberg has changed Tim’s personal and professional life! See Tim’s video, see more pictures, and read more.

Featured Case Study

Kathy came to Dr. Engelberg from Hoffman Estates, Illinois for cosmetic dentistry. After years of struggling with random dental procedures that were neither high quality nor cosmetic in nature, she aspired to have a beautiful smile that matched her very attractive face. Kathy met with Dr. Engelberg and the treatment consisted of a combination of laser gum contouring and reshaping, eight porcelain veneers, 5 porcelain crowns, and a bite adjustment (equilibration) in order to establish functional longevity to the esthetic restorations. Her new teeth are a hit (on the golf course too)! First examine the photographs of this great cosmetic result, and then hear what Kathy thinks of her new smile! See Kathy’s video, see more pictures, and read more.